Huangpu River in Pudong

Pudong Shanghai - Lujiazui Financial Zone

The Huangpu River is the busy waterway that separates the districts of Pudong (east) from Puxi (west) in Shanghai China.  Shanghai's city centre is located in Puxi while its financial district is located in Pudong.

The Huangpu River is a vital transportation corridor in China that is used for the shipment of natural resources and cargo.  It is also an important waterway for ferry cruise ship traffic.

Huangpu River in Pudong China (Shanghai)
Huangpu River separates Puxi from Pudong

The 97 km Huangpu River is a tributary of the mighty Yangtze River.  The Huangpu empties into the Yangtze very near the East China Sea.  "Huangpu" in English means "Yellow Bank River".

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